Welcome to the official website of the Classic Car Section acting within the Cracow Automobile Club – the oldest organization of this type in Poland.
Cracow is the cradle for Polish organized motoring and also the place of foundation of the Cracow Automobile Club in 1908 (formerly the Galician Automobile Club).
The Club consists of the following sections:

•    Motoring
•    Classic Car
•    Kart racing – Robert Kubica – a race driver for the BMW Sauber Formula One team, has started here his career!
•    Motorcycle trial
•    Caravaning
•    Road Traffic Safety

The Classic Car Section has began its run since 1973. Currently the Section number about 70 Cracow and Malopolska region inhabitants – both classic cars and motorcycle collectors.
Organizing rallies, reunions, competitions and shows in Cracow and its vicinity are our main stationary activities, but we also take part in many relevant external domestic and international events.
The annual International Classic Car Rally called “KRAK” is though our major event. It has been one of the Qualifying Stage of Polish Championships since its beginning in 1974 and nowadays it involves about 100 km tourist – navigational rally on roads of Cracow and the whole region – nearby numerous tourist attractions.
Teams taking part in the rally, driving classic vehicles, participate in public shows in the main Market Square (along with the Elegancy competition under the patronage of the President of Cracow) and on Vistula Boulevards, which is the best time for exposing all unique features of classic vehicles.



Automobilklub Krakowski   31-979 Kraków ul.Klasztorna 1

Section Classical Vehicles  

e – mail: oldcar.krakow@onet.pl

Homepage   www.automobilklubkrakow.pl/oldcar


Mgmt. Event                                              -  Grazyna Holojuch, Mob. +48-606 447 723

Mgmt. Organization                                    - Bogdan Sajdak, Mob. +48-608 302 300

Sports and Route Mgmt.                            - Erwin Meisel +48 600 301 411

Program of the International Meeting for Classic Verhicles FIVA B KRAK 2014   and VIIth Run for the Eliminacji Mistrzostw Polski (Polish Championship PZM) Juni 04th – 07th 2014

Scoring will be done in two catagories:

Participants of the MPPZ PZM (Polish Championship) according to PZM regulations into groups “post 1945”, “post 1960”, and “post 1970”

Foreign participants, participants not evaluated according to MPPZ PZM regulations, and participants with vehicles from 1945 or older.

Total distance for all groups will be appr. 100 km.

Meeting Base


Hotel   SORAY***   32-020 Wieliczka, ul. Krakowska 14C (entrance behind BP-Station)

GPS: N 49° 59’ 43”, E 20° 2’ 3”


Participation fees per team:

- 150 zł for PZM members

- 300 zł for non-members of PZM

- 950 zł registration

Accommodation, catering, parking security, President’s Ball, prizes, dipomas, and cups


Automobilklub Krakowski ul. Klasztorna1  31-979 Kraków

e – mail: oldcar.krakow@onet.pl

IBAN : CITIBANK PL 33 1030 0019 0109 8530 0028 1993     SWIFT: CITIPLPX

Ref.: KRAK 2014 drivers surname

Further informations can be seen under www.automobilklubkrakow.pl/oldcar



President, Management and all Members of

Automobilklub Krakowski

Section for Classical Vehicles